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It all starts here.

Without proper budget management, you are not likely to see much of the fruit of your labor at the end of the day.

At AA Financial Planning, not only we help and guide you to see where every dollar goes, we can implement ‘real solutions’ if you have a budgeting problem.

We do not mind to be ‘the bad cop’ and having to call the tough shots when it comes to your future. It is in your best interest to try and achieve financial independence anyway. If you are serious about it, we will get serious with it.

‘Rule no.1: Never lose money. Rule no.2: Never forget rule no.1..’

Warren Buffett



We are NOT about get-rich-quick schemes.

We have a product list that are not limited to a certain bank or institution. We do not accept any commissions and conflicted remunerations, so we are NOT product floggers. We believe all asset classes have their roles to play as part of your portfolio.

Good shares allow you to have a stake in good businesses. Good bonds provide you with safe regular incomes (they also increase in value when shares tumble). Good properties allow you to have a piece of that earth that most people desire. And so on.

Most importantly, our financial planners disclose their personal assets to their clients. This is new and unheard of! This is our commitment to show that we have skins in the game. We walk the walk.