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First Home Buyers

Congratulations, you’re about to acquire of what could possibly be one of the most significant assets of your life!

At AA, we will manage all the processes for you. So you can focus on what is the most important aspect of your first property purchase – Location, Location, Location!

There is Australian government assistance for first home buyers. We will be with you all the way to ensure you take advantage of all possible avenues.

We have soft spots for first home owners. We want you to have that extra boost so you can achieve your dreams sooner!

‘Love begins by taking care of the closest ones-the ones at home.’

Mother Teresa

Are you ready to own your first home but wonder how you could save enough deposit, if ever?

The ‘First Goal Kickers – First Home Buyers Programme’ is designed so that you can kick your first big goal successfully, that is, purchasing your first home!


By joining this programme you will:

  • Receive help first-hand from a Certified Financial Planner ®!;
  • Kick start a budget to achieve your goal;
  • Put in place a savings plan for your first home deposit;
  • Learn and get valuable tips about owning your first home; and
  • Own your first home if you follow the plan!