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Investment Properties

Congratulations, you are exploring the realm and possibility to grow your wealth, potentially significantly (if done correctly)! We believe in the power of leverage (Using Other People’s Money) to buy strong assets to further grow your wealth.

There are different types of property (land, units, apartments, houses, residential, commercial, syndicates, etc). And there are different strategies you can employ (positive gearing, negative gearing, land banking, developments, etc – to name a few) to make your property venture a success.

The types of property to buy and which strategies to employ would depend on what your goals are and your financial circumstances. Many in the AA team are property investors and developers themselves. So we understand the issues you are facing.

Accordingly we are able to set up mortgage and finance solutions to cater to your needs. Your best interest is at the heart of our business.

‘Well, real estate is always good, as far as I’m concerned.’

Donald Trump

SMSF Borrowing

The most recent buzz in the market is buying investment properties using your self managed super fund (SMSF). It is a powerful thing to be able to buy such sizeable assets using borrowing with your super. What a beautiful concept!

The catch? A lot! For example, the cost associated with setting up. Plus you cannot develop your properties. Plus you cannot rent them to relatives. And many other rules. Break them, and you will face hefty punishment from the ATO.

The rules surrounding SMSF and borrowing with SMSF are so complex that more often than not the banks even want an accountant or a financial planner to sign off on your lending application!

And this is how we are able to help you navigate through the treacherous water of SMSF borrowing. At AA, we provide a one stop shop to organise this specialised service since our accountants and financial planner will be behind you all the way. Whether we believe SMSF borrowing is or is not for you, we will tell you the way it is. It is your best interest that we are after.