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Life Insurance & Income Protection

‘More good news!

Since 1 July 2015 we provide the option for “no-commission insurance covers”, this results in about 20% – 30% discount on premiums, the cheapest premium available in the market for life and income protection insurances! 

We are 100% committed to passing any savings to our clients’

Kane Jiang

A high-spec single storey house would probably cost $250,000 to build. A new 4WD car would probably worth $50,000.

You can’t afford losing your house or your car – so you insure them.

How much is your life worth?

Without trying to sound too cliché, shouldn’t your life be worth more than your house and your car?

Let’s put this into perspective. Australians’ median income is about $70k pa. (as of 2014). So if you are earning slightly below this (say $50k pa.) and you have 20 working years left in you – You should worth $50k times 20 working years equals $1 MILLION – AT LEAST!

Can you or your family afford losing you?

‘You don’t know who is important to you until you actually lose them.’

Mahatma Gandhi

  • Motor insurance 70.5%
  • House Building Insurance 50.1%
  • Life Insurance 17.4%
  • Income Protection Insurance 6.9%

What’s your most important  assets? 

Most people have insurance for their home and motor vehicles, but fail to cover their most valuable assets – their life and their ability to earn income over the long term.


Chance of car stolen and not recovered in next 35 years

You can protect yourself from major medical illness (eg. cancer, heart diseases, etc) for about $480 per annum (based on a white collar, non-smoker 35 y.o. male with $200,000 Trauma Cover, premium quoted July 2012).

This is compared to a premium of car insurance of  about $1,260 per annum (based on a 26 y.o female, driving a 2006 Corolla in Chatswood, quoted July 2012).


Chance of a person suffering a major medical illness