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Mining and Construction Employees

At AA, we recognize the fact that the mining and construction sectors are the backbone of Western Australia’s economy (or Australia’s one can argue!).

Hands up if you:

  • Work real hard and putting in long hours, sometimes in regional areas, away from your beloved family and dependants;
  • Despite earning high income and making ends meet, are still anxious, because you:
  • Love your family, but still unsure whether you have done enough to protect them;
  • Wonder why the mortgage and other debts don’t seem to be going away;
  • Wonder if you can ever retire;
  • Want to do more to have a secure financial future, but don’t know how.


‘A man should never neglect his family for business.’

Walt Disney

Yes, we understand the issues you are facing, intimately! And we are proud to say that at AA Financial Planning, we have been providing solutions to our beloved mining and construction clients since our inception.

Lastly, to our mining and construction guys, it will be our pleasure and an honor for us to look after your financial affairs.