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Retirement Planning & Superannuation

As part of retirement planning, you will achieve clarity about what to expect from your retirement, and how your retirement will look like. You will find your peace of mind as we believe your retirement should be about excitements, having the freedom for doing the things you enjoy.

At AA, we strive to constantly help you uncover opportunities, implement the appropriate investment structures and strategies to anticipate for retirement.

Yes, superannuation is also one vehicle where you can grow wealth considerably for your retirement. But be careful as complex rules abound and in some cases, you can be PUT TO JAIL, if you trip.


‘And in the end it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.’

Abraham Lincoln

Industry Super

We receive regular referrals from the Construction and Building Union Superannuation (Cbus Super). We are proud to be trusted as the servicing financial adviser for the 2015 Cbus winner of financial planning competition for WA.

It is with great pleasure to say that we are also an accredited financial adviser for Australian Super and SunSuper.

Retail Super and Wrap Accounts

In the retail super and wrap account space, we use Colonial First State and BT. These accounts are great for those who prefer a broad investment universe and more active management approach.


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